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No Definitions

I am drawn to the abstract, I am drawn to the free spirit. I recoil at labels, stereotypes, categories. Do you claim to understand me when I am still growing, still learning about myself, still forming opinions of the world at large and how I should react to it? I know my dominant moods and … Continue reading “No Definitions”

Reading For Pleasure

I have had to read my way through a small library while I have been training, but now I am enjoying a well deserved break, I am enjoying the simple delight of reading fiction for the sheer pleasure of it. It’s hot and to be honest, in the heat of the day I find it … Continue reading “Reading For Pleasure”

Keeping Cool

I am in holiday mode. It is great to be able to wake up on a Monday knowing you are not expected to do anything. But I am making the most of every minute I have away from work. Today we went wild watering. We did not really do much swimming, just floating around in … Continue reading “Keeping Cool”